Class Descriptions

Basics Yoga– new to yoga? This basics class allows students to learn alignment principles for safe practice of foundational yoga poses. Basics yoga also focuses on pairing movement and breath. Students will begin to build strength and flexibility through basic yoga. Also suitable for advanced students looking for a refresher on alignment.

Gentle Flow– this gentle flow yoga class is suitable for all levels. Beginners will enjoy a slow pace and detailed verbal descriptions for poses, while seasoned practitioners will be able to relax and bring more stillness to their bodies. This calm and soothing class focuses on basic alignment principles as well as connecting movement and breath.

Vinyasa Flow– traditional vinyasa style yoga. Focuses on smooth transitions between poses and sequences. A great class to continue to build strength and flexibility while calming the mind and body. Begin to build heat and challenge yourself with vinyasa.

Yin/Vin– enjoy juicy yin yoga at the beginning of class and then transition to a  smooth vinyasa practice. Yin/Vin allows the student to relax and push their edge simultaneously.

Restorative– using props to do less work, restorative yoga is a chance to completely relax while gaining the benefits of each pose. Students will remain in each pose for 5-10 minutes. There is nothing more relaxing than a restorative yoga sequence!


*Photo Credit: Michelle DeMarziani